Anastasia is in Grenada

Phil May and Andrea Twigg
Thu 18 Jun 2015 23:35
12:02.7N 61:44.8W
Anastasia is safely moored in Port Louis marina for the next month. 
The engines with their new injectors worked flawlessly, both for our departure from Case Pilote and for our arrival in Grenada.  We didn’t need the engines for the journey itself, the easterly wind being a relentless 22 to 35 knots.  To avoid arriving too early (and probably because we are getting old and cautious) we had two reefs in the mainsail and three reefs in the genoa and we were still doing 11 knots at times. 
There were beautiful sparklies in the wake.  It is a shame you can’t get photographs of the phosphorescence.
The first priority was a dip in the pool.  The second was to plug in to the internet and indulge in some frenetic online shopping, to be delivered while we are back in the UK.