Sorting things out

Phil May and Andrea Twigg
Sun 9 Jun 2013 23:09
Andrea and I have decided to become sea gypsies for a while so we have put the house on the market.  The first three weeks of May we spent back in the UK to sort things out.  Unfortunately, the combination of letting the house plus the harsh winter weather (collapsing garden walls and leaking pipework in the poolhouse) meant that there was a lot of maintenance to be done on the house to get it into reasonable shape.  In the end Daniel agreed to live in the house and continue with the maintenance until it sells.
We did take a few days off at the end to visit the parents (including my dad’s 90th birthday party).  Some friends, Camilla and Reg, took us microlight flying over the house, which was great fun.  Reg is an instructor, which means he has nerves of steel (imagine it is line being a driving instructor but where a fender bender is going to hurt more) and he was very restrained when I started aiming at the wrong runway on final approach.
Burning the surplus furniture that the charity shop didn’t want
Andrea getting ready for her flight
The house from the air (the pool water was green two days earlier)