Phil May and Andrea Twigg
Mon 5 May 2014 18:02
22:19.7N 72:02.3W
We have just spent 24 hours pushing eastward from Clarence Town, to arrive here in Mayaguana this morning.  Once again, this was an unscheduled stop, but we made better progress than planned and we didn’t want to arrive at the Turks and Caicos in the dark.   We will have to leave this afternoon and sail overnight, but stopping here gives us a rest and also the opportunity to use up the last of my Bahamian Telco internet credit updating the blog.
We found a stowaway after we left, a stunning Black Witch moth.  It must have been 8 inches wingspan.  We left it to roost on the doorframe, which was a mistake, because in the evening it woke up and flew out.  Andrea (who is in the middle of a Stephen King novel right now which probably accounts for her being a bit nervy) saw it from the corner of her eye and nearly jumped out of her skin, spraining her back in the process.  So now we have me with a sprained shoulder and Andrea with a sprained back.  Let’s hope the hydraulic winches keep working.
Apparently Bahamians consider these “money moths”, because they are supposed to bring good fortune, so we are now confident that the house will sell soon.