Mayreau and Tobago Cays

Phil May and Andrea Twigg
Sun 10 Aug 2014 17:41
12:38.9N 61:23.6W
We have good memories of Tobago Cays, but this time we were not impressed.  Still a beautiful place, but tarnished by the litter along the beaches.  The sea urchins, which normally disguise themselves with pebbles, were covering themselves with plastic spoons and forks instead.
We moved over to Salt Whistle bay in Mayreau, which provides better shelter anyway.  There is a beautiful walk around almost all of the island, following a path south along the eastern shoreline and then returning along the road through Saline Bay.  Saline Bay is a pretty village, well kept despite the limited amount of tourism they must get there.
It is interesting how the dogs differ on the different islands.  The richer islands have pedigree breeds, and the poorer islands have whatever strains happen to have been thrown into their small gene pool.  Mayreau has friendly dogs, that must be English speaking, because when we were talking on the beach about taking a walk then a pair of dogs decided to tag along.  Which was useful because sometimes the path was not obvious and we just followed them.  They would duck into the sea occasionally, to cool off.   
It was hard to get the hyper-active dogs into the frame for a picture
Hunting for land crabs