Phil May and Andrea Twigg
Sun 27 Apr 2014 02:24
23:31.03N 75:45.45W
We spent a week in Georgetown anchored just off the “Chat ’n Chill” bar, chatting and chilling.  We were anchored close to Anastasia’s sister Catana 52, “No Rehearsal”, owned by Daryl and Annie.  Both built in 2003, Anastasia is hull number 6 and No Rehearsal is hull number 8. 
Daryl organized a dinghy drift for anyone who wanted to come along.  A dinghy drift basically involves rafting up your dinghies with enough food and drink to last for as long as you drift.  We probably drifted a couple of miles down the channel before it started to get dark.
We were fortunate enough to be in Georgetown at the same time as this year’s Family Island Regatta.  The regatta is a series of races for classic Bahamian work boats.  For some reason the boats always raced through the middle of our anchorage (perhaps trying to catch some onshore breeze?) so we got a (very) close up view on several days.  It is a shame there was not much wind, but they managed to move along well in conditions that were sometimes almost dead calm.
A heavily laden Bahamian sloop
With their huge booms they had to be careful about the overhang, avoiding hitting other boats or dipping the boom in the water.
You can see the potential when just a gentle breeze sends them speeding along
Here the racers pass between Anastasia and No Rehearsal
Quite close to Anastasia
The start of the dinghy drift (Chat ,n Chill beach on the right)