Nighttime visitors

Phil May and Andrea Twigg
Thu 12 Jan 2012 00:39
13:02.5N 71:56.8W  652 miles travelled, 450 to go
Last night we were visited by two black seabirds that spent the night on Anastasia.  Andrea was pleased for the company and crept around during her watch careful not to scare them off.  In reality, if you did go near them they just glared at you until you went away.  Come morning they had pooed all over the boat, so were not so welcome after that.  Now we are a bit concerned about the pictures we have seen of sealions sitting on peoples boats in the Galapagos...
This morning Andrea told me that dinner was "catch of the day" so I put out the lines at sunrise and within 10 minutes we had a two foot Dorado to eat.  Not so good was putting the lines out to catch more fish and pulling them in in the evening with both lines missing their lures.  Anyway, we ate the one we caught pan fried in seasoned flour with oven chips and cole slaw.  Followed by home made chocolate ice cream with cherries.  All very nice.  
We had some good wind today and managed to put a few miles between us and Serendipity, but the wind has dropped again now so they will probably catch us up overnight.  Remarkable that there is still less than half an hour between us after three days.  (Their handicap is 1.114 and ours is 1.157 so we would have to have been several hours ahead by now to actually beat them on handicap.)