Port Vila, Efate, Vanuatu

Phil May and Andrea Twigg
Wed 18 Jul 2012 06:58
17:44.87S 168:18.65E
We left Tanna on 14th July.  Looking back there were big clouds of smoke from Mount Yasur, the volcano we visited.  Now we hear that the authorities are warning about increased activity and the danger of visiting the volcano.  We only just got to see it in time.
We are only in Port Vila for a few days so it has been a challenge to pack everything in.  On our first day we went on a tour of the island.  Our second day was abseiling down a waterfall.  Today we did not have any excursions, but since we set off for Australia tomorrow we have spent the day tidying the boat and shopping for the 6 day trip.  The Australian authorities are very careful about boats harbouring non-native species so we have to make sure there are no barnacles or other sea life hitching a lift into Australian waters.  Fortunately the last of the Galapagos crabs, that were living in the swimming ladder compartment, abandoned ship several weeks ago so we don't have to evict our pets.
Smoke from Mount Yasur
Good wind for the crossing to Efate.  Here is Bronwyn on the way across.  It looks like Mark is sunbathing on the side.
Vanuatu is famous for its string bands. 
The local kids having fun watching us as we visit their village.
Andrea could not find a good book of Vanuatu birds, but now we have the pictures we need to identify them.
We had a trip up a river in canoes.  This one was right at maximum capacity.
The Cascades waterfall we abseiled down.
Safely at the bottom.