Anchored in Soufriere bay

Phil May and Andrea Twigg
Wed 21 Dec 2011 21:24
13:50.53N 61:03.84W
We had an exhilarating sail down from Rodney Bay, a broad reach at 10-12 knots in 20 knot winds.   Now we are anchored in Soufriere bay below the steeper of the two Pitons. 
Here is Andrea at the bows as we approached Soufriere, wearing her new shorter shorts to get more leg tan.  The twin peaks of the Pitons are in the background.
And here is Estella and more twin peaks.
Bertie showing that it is really just a painted backdrop.
And finally Andrea emerging from the water, again in her new shorts, after dropping her empty beer can in the water and having to jump in to fish it out before it earned us a $5000 fine for littering in the nature reserve.