Crossing the equator

Phil May and Andrea Twigg
Wed 15 Feb 2012 03:44
0:00.0N 88:38.2W
At 4 pm today, about eighty miles before reaching Galapagos, we crossed from North Pacific to South Pacific.
Anastasia was visited by Neptunus Rex who wanted to know why the crew had not asked permission to cross the equator and demanded that as a penance they undergo trials by sea, sky and earth,
The first trial was to rescue a sacred shell from the watery depths of a pink bucket.
Then shells had to be rescued from the clouds, symbolized by flour, and the earth, symbolized by cocoa powder.
Estella was second in line to rescue the shells.
Bertie was not considered presentable enough for an audience with the king and first had to be shaved.
Before his clouds/earth ordeal.
And marking with the Neptunus symbol.