On to Carriacou and the regatta

12:29.0 N 61:28.9 W
From Martinique we overnighted in Rodney Bay and then cleared into the Grenadines in Bequia.  A day in Saltwhistle Bay in Mayreau, a couple of days in the Tobago Cays, and then a day in Clifton Harbour Union Island to clear out of the Grenadines. On to Carriacou where we cleared in in Hillsborough and then picked up a mooring ball at Sandy Island, where we spent three days watching the regatta boats.  Most of the courses seemed to route through the mooring field so we got some very close up views of the dinghy racing.
The Tobago Cays are fairly quiet at this time of year
Looking for the best wind through the mooring field
Everyone comes out to watch when the boats pass by
A patriotic sail in the Grenada colours
We could have hopped down into this boat as it passed by
They passed by on both upwind and downwind legs through the moorings 
The boat boys encouraging their home teams
Some of the faster dinghies were barely above water and had to have a crew member baling constantly