11 days until departure

Phil May and Andrea Twigg
Wed 21 Sep 2011 23:20
Things are speeding up.  Anastasia was re-launched today.  We weren't there to see it, but the guys at Catana sent some photos.  Here she is, going back in the water but now with a coppery bottom.  No sailbag because the stitching was damaged by UV and it is away being re-stitched.
Tonight we packed 110 kg into four boxes to be sent to France with sendmybag.com.  Despite all our trips down to Gibraltar ferrying stuff onto Anastasia, (and Rebecca and Algy bringing the spare windlass along to Gibraltar on their Med cruise) we still didn't manage without shipping some boxes.  Let's hope they arrive in time.
The house rental is progressing.  We got confirmation of the offer today, so now it is just a question of getting all the approvals sorted out.