Trip to Sydney

Phil May and Andrea Twigg
Fri 3 Aug 2012 13:36
The new sails were delayed in transit so we had a couple of days to kill in Mackay.  Andrea and I decided to fly down to Sydney for a short visit.  It felt weird being back in a major city after visiting the villages and towns of the Pacific islands. 
We were only in Sydney for a couple of days so it was a push to cram all the "must sees" into our time there.  On day 1 we visited the Aquarium, Harbour Bridge and Opera House.  On day 2 we did the Skywalk on the revolving tower, took a ferry trip to Manly Beach and then spent a couple of hours at the Sydney Boat Show (which just happened to be on during our visit).
We got a good view of the bridge and opera house as we came in to land
View of George St from our hotel room
The harbour bridge from the top of one of the towers
The opera house from the top of a bridge tower
Jumping on the skywalk viewing platform
Andrea on Manly Beach
The opera house from the Manly ferry
The bridge on our return from Manly