Crab Creek

Phil May and Andrea Twigg
Sun 20 Oct 2013 15:54
38:57.4N 76:31.8W
Our new generator rotor finally arrived and I arranged for it to be delivered to Wolfgang Reuter, the local OCC officer who agreed to take delivery for me.  Wolfgang has a house on Crab Creek which is just a few miles from Annapolis.  So on Tuesday 15 October we upped anchor and motored into Annapolis to pick up some fuel before heading to Crab Creek.
Everything went smoothly until it came to leaving the fuel dock, at which point the port engine refused to start.  We couldn’t stay on the fuel dock so we headed over to Crab Creek on one engine until I could take a look.  Nothing I could see was wrong with the fuel delivery so it had to be a problem with the fuel injection itself.  Time to call in the experts.
The guys from Vosbury Marine came round on Thursday and immediately diagnosed the damaged speed sensor (that controls injection timing).  Unfortunately what they think damaged the speed sensor was the vibration damper breaking up and throwing pieces around the inside of the flywheel casing.  And apparently, from the noise it is making, the same thing in about to happen on the starboard engine.  (I thought it was just the cutlass bearing needing replacing).
Bottom line is that we are here for a couple of weeks until the engines can be repaired.  This involves removing the transmission and jacking up the block in order to get the flywheel casing off and access the dampers.
Still, crab Creek is a beautifully sheltered anchorage and we are getting a lot of jobs done on the boat while we wait.  Wolfgang and Gemma are generous hosts, letting us borrow their second car when we need to get to town, and Wolfgang has offered me the use of his power tools so I can sand down and refinish our deck table. 
The sun is out once more now the boat show is over.  The trees have started to show their autumn colours.  There are a lot worse places to be marooned.  Fingers crossed the weather doesn’t get too much colder here in Maryland.
Crab Creek is a good place to learn stand-up paddle-boarding (provided you don’t fall in)
It is a beautiful setting
The trees are starting to turn
Saggy davits, just one of the things we hope to fix while waiting for the engines.  (Andrea says it is an age thing.)