A new personal best

Phil May and Andrea Twigg
Mon 23 Jul 2012 10:08
18:43.3S 154:27.6E  813 miles covered, 248 miles to go
The wind strengthened and backed exactly as predicted and yesterday we managed to cover 244 miles in one day, a new personal best for Anastasia.  We would have liked to take some of the credit ourselves, but to be quite honest 99% of the helming has been done by the autopilot, set to maintain an optimum wind angle.
The good wind has meant we that we have managed to make up for being becalmed for six hours at the start of the race and moved back up through the fleet to second place.  If we continue at 10 knots then our ETA at the entrance to the reef is about 9pm tomorrow night.  We then have another 110 miles through the barrier reef to reach Mackay sometime Wednesday morning.
Bertie letting the autopilot take the strain.
Daniel keeping the wind out of his hair.