Chile, Bolognese or Chorizo surprise

Phil May and Andrea Twigg
Sun 22 Jun 2014 01:38
We have been very disciplined with our food recently.  Andrea has been making double portions, but we have frozen half, rather than my eating all the leftovers.  Unfortunately her marker pen ran out of ink.  So the challenge for today is to identify which of the frozen packs below contains the Bolognese sauce for our spaghetti.
I chose the one on the right, because it looked like the right kind of colour.
So it turns out that today we are having chicken curry, which isn’t any of the options offered (chile, bolognese or chorizo stew).
Luckily Andrea defrosted the sauce before she started cooking the spaghetti, so she could switch to having it with rice.  (Although I don’t see why you can’t have spaghetti with chicken curry sauce.)