Salty Dawgs Day 3

Phil May and Andrea Twigg
Thu 7 Nov 2013 16:45
30:20.0N 80:40.7W
The wind dropped at midnight, as expected, and we spent a quiet night with the parasailor just barely flying in 9 knots of wind.  We were only managing about 3.5 knots over the ground, but still the miles clock by and we are now 30 miles off Jacksonville Beach on the Florida coast.  We are firmly into T short and shorts territory, even when sitting out on deck.
Provided the wind picks up a little (as it is predicted to do this evening) then we should arrive in Fort Pierce sometime tomorrow afternoon.  Lew is pleased about that because he has booked a non-refundable flight back from West Palm Beach at 10am on Saturday.  You have got to be a keen sailor to want to spend five days bashing through confused seas to get down to the warm weather and then immediately fly away from it.