Water water everywhere...

Phil May and Andrea Twigg
Sat 3 Dec 2011 14:02
15:43.1N 053:58.9W  2482 miles covered
... which is mostly OK except the glassful that I tipped onto my laptop yesterday.  I tried all sorts of things to revive it, but in the end all it took was a sunbathe in the noonday tropical sun.  Now happily up and running apart from the forward cursor key which hopefully just needs a bit more drying out.
There has been a lot of water coming out of the sky as well, in the form of squalls.  Everyone has had fun playing real life "space invaders" using the radar to detect the squalls and steering Anastasia to let them pass on one side or the other.   
In the daytime the squalls can be quite striking, with segments of rainbow where the rain is falling.
We have about four hundred miles to go, which is just a couple of days more sailing.  The grib files are indicating that we should get in just before a lull in the wind, provided we can keep up our mileage.  We did 213 miles in the last 24 hours which is an average of almost 9 knots and is gradually moving us up the rankings.  The "big boys", the fastest of the professional racing yachts, have already finished.  We are sitting behind the mid-sized racers and a couple of big catamarans, all of which are faster on paper than Anastasia, so we will have to do something creative to make any more gains.
Looking at the gribs, it seems the best of the wind is going to be to the north, so I think we will try and run along at our current latitude and the switch to our asymmetric spinnaker and go in diagonally for the final 100 miles.  If we don't gain anything from the wind we will lose two hours from the extra distance, but I am hoping we gain four or five hours from the wind.