LED lights and visitors

Phil May and Andrea Twigg
Tue 1 Nov 2011 22:51
Yesterday I sent an email to an address that was advertised on a boat moored just along from us (The LED Light Shop - www.ledsmanare.com) to ask about getting LED replacement for the broken floodlight.  Lisbeth came over, bringing her 12(?) year old daughter, who was remarkably good both at speaking english and at promoting LED light bulbs.  They brought with them a specially made suitcase with dozens of different kinds of LEDs, all of which could be individually turned on to display the different types of light.  As well as ordering a new floodlight we now have new LED ceiling lights in most of the cabins, which should be a significant power saving.
Rebecca, Algy and Jonathan arrived this morning for a five day visit.  It took them a bit longer to find us than expected because the taxi driver took them to the yacht club by mistake and, understandably, the security guard there would not let them in.  They would like to go for a sail on Anastasia, so tomorrow morning we are heading off to Tenerife for a couple of days.