Phil May and Andrea Twigg
Sun 2 Nov 2014 18:59
12:04.7N 68:51.5W
We got into Curacao on the afternoon before Rebecca and Algy were flying in.  I thought there would be plenty of time to clear in the next morning, before they arrived.  However I must have just missed a bus because it took me two hours just to get to Willemstad and then the check-in process involves taking a ferry between the customs and immigration buildings.  In the end I arranged to meet up with them in a cafe by the ferry terminal and we took a taxi back to Anastasia.
We were anchored in Spanish Water, which is a huge lagoon with a small inlet, one of the calmest anchorages in the Caribbean, but a large enough expanse to have a comfortable breeze at night.  The water in the lagoon is cloudy but not foul, and some cruisers do swim in it.  We preferred to take the dinghy into the dock and from there it is a short walk to CaracasBaai beach on the western shore.
Spanish Water lies beside Curacao’s own Table Mountain. (We even saw a cloud tablecloth once.)
Dinner at The Pier restaurant, very conveniently located on the water by the anchorage.
Heading into town to clear out ready for a trip to Bonaire.  You have to be prepared to wait for a bus.
Andrea always was too impatient
We just made it across the pontoon bridge before it opened to let a ship through.
We finally found someone who would drink the green apple stuff that Jane and Peter (Trompeta)’s guests left behind.