ARC welcome party

Phil May and Andrea Twigg
Thu 8 Dec 2011 03:59
Tonight was the official welcome party, for the 83 boats that have arrived so far.  Lots of free food and rum, compliments of the St Lucia tourist board.  A chance to swap stories with other crews about the challenges they faced on the crossing.  Either we had it easy or we have not yet exaggerated our stories enough.  The problem is that however much Bertie's fish grows in our minds, when you look at the photo of it then it shrinks back to the 2 feet it was.  And however much the asymmetric spinnaker got "trashed" by falling into the water, we didn't have to "cut it away" and it only took one roll of spinnaker repair tape to mend the hole.
The annoying thing was that, now we actually see how much motoring the other boats did to catch us up, we could have been significantly higher in the rankings had we turned on the engine when our speed fell below 3 knots.  As it is, we lost about 12 hours by waiting for wind that never came.  And noone seems to care about the handicaps or how much motoring people did, the question is just "what time did you get in"?  Still, we knew the parameters of the race, we just chose to try and sail all the way to the finish line.  We will play it differently for World ARC.
One highlight of the welcome party was the three girls in tight black dresses who were really letting themselves go on the dance floor.  One could vibrate her bottom really quickly, which brought a lot of appreciative cheering from the crowd.  In Bertie's opinion these were clearly spanish prostitutes because they a) spoke spanish and b) dressed like prostitutes.  Andrea couldn't see why spanish prostitutes would be in St Lucia.  Me and Ian, we just appreciated the dancing.  As for "not really a party animal" Denise, she couldn't resist joining in with the dancing.