En route to Bali

Phil May and Andrea Twigg
Wed 5 Sep 2012 13:26
12:08.3S 130:15.9E
We left Darwin at 12:00 and are now on our way to Bali.  There is very little wind, and what little there is is not in a very good direction for catamarans so we are averaging about 2 knots towards Bali, sitting right at the back of the fleet.  Could be a long passage.
When we were staying in Darwin we were in a place called the "Duck Pond", which was a commercial marina (ie full of rusty fishing boats doing maintenance work using jackhammers and angle grinders).  The only positive was that the fisherman were friendly and, before we left, they gave us a big Barramundi which we have just had for dinner.  "Barra" is a very tasty Indo-Pacific fish.  One of those things that are commonplace here down under but that most Europeans have never heard of (holidaying in Vanuatu is another example).
Andrea cleaning the Barra
Heading west into the sunset again