Platypuses and Kookaburras

Phil May and Andrea Twigg
Mon 30 Jul 2012 13:13
Today we went on a tour of the area around Mackay.  There was a lot of interesting stuff about the sugar cane farming (one of the primary exports of the region) but obviously it was the unique Australian scenery and wildlife that was most fascinating to us.
The platypus park was at the top of a maintain ridge where you could look back right to the coast.
Rather than risk allowing people to burn stuff in the national parks, the authorities provide these gas operated barbies.
The platypuses showed up on cue.
We also visited a beautiful waterfall.
And when we returned to the coach it was surrounded by Kookaburras that were sitting in the old gum trees.  They were much bigger than we expected, more like fluffy chickens than members of the kingfisher family.