Slower and slower we go

Phil May and Andrea Twigg
Fri 13 Apr 2012 03:14
13:26.3S 145:06.4W   419 miles covered, 83 miles to go.
Last night we took down the spinnaker to try and slow down a little, but the wind increased to 18 knots and we ended up going faster still.  So this morning we took down the mainsail, furled the genoa and put up our smallest jib and we are now pottering along at 4.5 knots.  That should put us about 20 miles away from Manihi by dawn tomorrow, at which point we can start sailing again.  The lagoon entrance is on the western side so we need the sun to be quite high to avoid glare off the water when spotting the coral, but the atoll is 15 miles long so it will take us a couple of hours to sail around it to reach the western entrance.
One of the things I had to fix in the Marquesas was a ceiling panel in our cabin which had fallen down.  My fix was not great and sometime today it fell down again.  Andrea wanted me to include a photo to show what hardships she has to endure on this trip, so here you are.  One missing ceiling panel.