Anastasia is afloat again

Phil May and Andrea Twigg
Wed 19 Feb 2014 14:25
Today Anastasia floated again, after two months out of the water.  The relaunch was not as smooth as we would have wished because, as we were lowered into the water, the port side engine room started to flood.  The prop shaft seal had failed and the water was coming in rather quickly.  Fortunately I had a replacement seal, so they just lifted us out once more and, with Andrea pulling and twisting at the propeller, I was able to replace the seal while we were still hanging in the lift cradle.  We were back in the water within an hour and no leaks this time.
Finally it was time to hoist the Red Ensign and head for our berth.  Yes, after jumping through a lot of ridiculously officious hoops, Anastasia is officially a British ship.