Why did we bring these mugs?

Phil May and Andrea Twigg
Mon 10 Oct 2011 22:37
Today our blog come from from... Canet en Roussillon.  But we will definitely be off tomorrow morning.  We now have three(!) working alternators (even though we only have two engines to attach them to).  The new one is stowed in the forward locker as a spare.  We also have a working freezer, a working mast head light, working hydraulics, working turbos on the engines, custom brakes on the prop shafts, new membranes in the watermaker, not to mention a new Mouli grater for Andrea, and a new HD TV for Bertie.
We have just had our final meal in France, using the Ford transit van that Catana lent us because someone else had borrowed the Jag.  Probably not the last time we will be driving a battered old truck on our travels.
We are now going to watch episode 1 of All Roads Lead Home, which seems kind of (a) fitting (Phil) or (b) ironic (Andrea).