Fancy meeting you here

Phil May and Andrea Twigg
Sun 1 Jun 2014 00:16
So you sail round the world, and get to know all sorts of interesting people, and then it ends and you go your own separate ways.  But how often do your paths cross again?  Probably many more times than you realize because you pass by like “ships in the night”, neither party being aware of the proximity.  Then one of those crossings results in a chance meeting and for a while the world seems like a smaller place.
OK, so Anastasia is fairly prominent in an anchorage, but even so we were surprised to get the following email from Britt.  “In Puerto Rico, going out on a boat with some friends we met, and leaving the marina, who do we pass?? Anastasia!!!! Looking as good as ever!! Are you guys in Salinas?!?!”  (Britt is an exclamation mark kind of gal.)  Now Britt’s last Facebook post was from Fiji, so it was a bit of a surprise that she was now in Salinas, Puerto Rico, which is quite frankly more of a village than a town. 
This morning Andrea and I were discussing where to stop next.  Should we go to Salinas?  I thought perhaps we could skip it and go a bit further.  On the other hand our cruising guide told us there was a sailmaker in Salinas who could fix the trampoline.  (I nearly fell through it when it ripped as we were anchoring in Muertos.)  Andrea said I should make my mind up.  The trampoline won out and so we headed for Salinas. 
Turns out there is no sailmaker in Salinas any more and we were just contemplating what a waste of time the stop in Salinas was, when Britt’s email popped up.  We hopped into the dinghy and headed out to join her and some friends on a boat out at Cano Matias, the local swimming hole.  It was a lot of fun.  Still, what a remarkable coincidence.
Andrea and Britt on Cayos de Pa’ Jaros
The temporary repair on the trampoline (that will have to last a while longer now)