Arrived in Gibraltar

Phil May and Andrea Twigg
Mon 17 Oct 2011 13:09
36:08.039N 5:21.353W
We arrived in Gibraltar this morning to a rather grey and forbidding looking rock.  We had a good sail overnight with winds up to 23 knots which meant we arrived at 11:00 rather than 15:00 as expected.
Lunch was ham and eggs in the pub beer garden, hoping the beer would stop the ground from swaying and wondering whether it is going to continue feeling this surreal for the entire trip round the world.
The great toaster debate continues.  Andrea argues that you don't need toast if you have newly baked bread and that there is no space for a toaster, unless I keep it in my sock drawer.  I argue that fresh bread and toast are completely different and I don't want crumbs in my underwear, thank you.  I guess I can use the grill in the oven but it is a lot of hassle for making toast.