Do flying fish count?

Phil May and Andrea Twigg
Wed 7 Mar 2012 13:04
05:50.8S 96:45.7W  512 miles covered
Each leg there is a special prize for answering a question about the leg.  We won the prize for leg 1, correctly guessing how many miles we saved by going through the Panama canal instead of round Cape Horn.  Trompeta guessed right on the total age of all crew members in leg 2.  The question for this leg is the total number of fish that will be caught (and landed) by all boats.
Last night, in the radio net, Sapphire mentioned that a flying fish had flown in through a hatch and hit someone on the head while they were in bed.  This triggered an animated discussion as to whether this counts as a landed fish for the competition.  In particular, catamarans have very effective flying fish nets between our hulls and we catch one or two most nights, so if the three cats report 45 flying fish caught then it will significantly skew the numbers for the competition.
The conclusion was that flying fish should only count if they were kept to be eaten (flying fish are a delicacy in the Caribbean).  This was then modified to allow counting flying fish that are caught between your teeth.  So here is our first flying fish to be counted.