En route to Australia

Phil May and Andrea Twigg
Sat 21 Jul 2012 00:06
17:39.3S 164:06.2E  250 miles covered, 800 to go
We left Vanuatu two days ago, drifting across the start line using our asymmetric spinnaker.  This was the first time we have used the spinnaker since it was patched up in Port Denerau and it worked fine, if looking a bit ugly with the jagged seam across the top.  We get a new blue and white spinnaker (and a new genoa) in Mackay.
Once we got out of Mele bay the wind picked up and we had a good sail for the first day.  This was an unexpected bonus because the prediction was for light winds for the first two days.  The light winds arrived yesterday afternoon and we spent 12 hours overnight just drifting around waiting for the wind to come back.  The majority of the fleet was motoring overnight, but we decided to stick it out and sail all the way, which meant we were right at the back of the pack when the wind kicked in at 2am.  Now our challenge for the remaining three days is to overtake all the boats that passed us in the night.  These wind conditions are good for Anastasia so, all being well, we should be able to pull back into the top few boats arriving at the finish line, which is at the start of Hydrographers Pass through the Great Barrier Reef.
We caught a Mahi Mahi yesterday, the biggest we have caught so far.  It is nice to have fresh fish, the only problem is that we have to empty our freezer before entering Australia and we now have 20 large fish steaks to eat, in addition to the rest of the meat in the freezer.  It was fish steak sandwiches for lunch yesterday (and probably today and tomorrow as well).