Indian Ocean - Day 6

Phil May and Andrea Twigg
Sun 7 Oct 2012 13:18
15:13.9S 077:13.5E  1180 miles covered, 1172 to go
Passed half way!  We just had champagne and lemon drizzle cake to celebrate.
Aside from that not much to report.  The waves are even bigger and they are still close packed.  Every so often Anastasia decides to have a surf down a wave, which is quite like being on the log flume ride at Alton Towers, except the cabin windows deflect the spray so we don't actually get wet.
Andrea and I have been hearing voices in the gurgling pipes.  My voices are just too low to be audible, but apparently Andrea's voices keep telling her to add rum to her lemonade.
The water in the starboard tank is salty.  Pretty much every part of Anastasia is being pummeled by waves so I suspect some is getting in through the tank overflow vent.  I was going to pump the tank out and make some fresh water but apparently people pay good money to go to a spa for a salt water shower, so we are just going to have longer showers until it is used up.