Grenada Excursions

Phil May and Andrea Twigg
Fri 2 Oct 2015 21:25
One of our earlier excursions was a trip to the Seven Sisters waterfall.  You can get there from Prickly Bay using the local bus service (Number 1 to the bus station in St Georges and then Number 6 across the island).  It is not a huge waterfall, but refreshing for a swim after a fairly long hike to reach the falls.
John (Toi et Moi), Blair and Edie (Kind of Magic), me, Susan (Toi et Moi), Marty (True Colors) and Andrea, ready to hike
The main swimming pool
Another excursion involved a rum factory visit followed by river tubing.
The river is not very deep, so there is a fair amount of bouncing off boulders en route
There are guides to help out if you get stuck in a backwater
We also have our regular Saturday afternoon outing to the Hash House Harriers, which is often a rather challenging hike.  Unfortunately last weekend Susan (Toi et Moi) slipped and broke her ankle and two local guys had to half-carry her out of the bush along a river bed.  Susan had a temporary cast applied in Grenada and brought forward her planned flight back to the US, to have her doctor over there take a look at it.
Fortunately John (Fast Manicou) was wearing an ankle support which he lent to Susan to support the ankle
Still she had to hobble on it for a mile and a half before we were out of the bush