Port Elizabeth

Phil May and Andrea Twigg
Sun 25 Nov 2012 22:00
33:58.0S 25:38.0E
We are now at the Algoa Bay Yacht Club in Port Elizabeth.  The yacht club has a marina suitable for small boats but they were concerned about the stress Anastasia would put on their pontoons in the strong winds and so Ronny, an ex-commodore, met us with the club launch and guided us to a berth alongside the fishing jetty.  There, assisted by Ronny and Alan from Umineko, we secured ourselves using our bow anchor chain wrapped around a concrete block on the shore, in preparation for the 50 knots winds that were predicted.  Brizo is moored alongside, also with anchor to the shore.  The strongest gusts we have actually seen in the marina have been around 40 knots, so there has not been any problem with the wind,
Thursday was Thanksgiving in the US and Brizo invited all the ARC boats in Port Elizabeth to an international dinner party.  It had to be held on Friday because we had only just arrived on Thursday afternoon and Thanksgiving dinner is a major affair that took Corrine, Karson and the girls most of a day to prepare.  They did roast chicken because none of the boats has an oven big enough to cook a turkey for 18 people.  The party was attended by representatives from all five boats (USA, UK, Sweden, Switzerland and Russia). 
Getting the anchor onshorer
The Thanksgiving party