The XXXth great dinghy race

Phil May and Andrea Twigg
Sun 13 Nov 2011 19:51
Today was the official ARC opening ceremony, which involved the nations trooping through the marina carrying their national flags.  There were marching bands at the front and rear of the procession.  This was the band bringing up the rear.  There are a few sore necks in the British contingent.
All the flags were raised on poles along the breakwater.
And this was followed by the thirtieth annual dinghy "race". 
Some people had rather loose interpretations of dinghy, taking their place at the starting line on rubber tyres and inflatable mattresses.
Bertie and Estella joined in, in our inflatable kayak.
There were also loose interpretations of what was appropriate clothing.  Here are Bertie and Estella trying to persuade the "Men in Black (Bras)" to put their shirts back on.
In fact there was only a vague semblance of a start, a finish, or indeed any element of what would normally constitute a race.