Isla Del Rey/Isla Canas

Phil May and Andrea Twigg
Fri 3 Feb 2012 20:13
8:21.95N 78:49.18W
Isla Del Rey is the largest of the Las Perlas islands, with several villages and anchorages on the eastern and southern sides.  We are anchored at Isla Canas off the eastern shore, where the cruising guide says there is a village that sells fresh fruit and pearls.  We are going to visit the village tomorrow morning.
As we were rounding the southern tip of the island Bertie caught a large fish.  Looking it up in our fish books it turned out to be a Yellow Jack, which is supposed to be good only for curing or pickling.  We tried marinading and then barbecuing it and Andrea and Estella thought the result was passable but Bertie and I did not like it.  It has a strongly flavored dark meat.  Fortunately we had some steaks to eat as well and the pina coladas made from the green pineapple milk were good, so dinner worked out OK in the end.
On the way here we saw a strange sight which was a large flock of pelicans floating on the water, all trying to bunch up as close as possible.  As some birds got pushed out from the center they would fly in and land on the birds in the middle of the group.  We thought there might be something floating in the water that they were eating or sitting on, but we went quite close by and could not see anything.  Maybe it was just a game.