Marion MA

Phil May and Andrea Twigg
Thu 1 Aug 2013 23:40
41:42.2N 70:45.1W
Marion is a sleepy little river-mouth town, with an active yacht club, the Beverly Yacht Club.  We stayed there for two nights on a mooring ball.  The first night was ladies race night and the second night they were entertaining visitors from the Ida Lewis Yacht Club (from Newport).  Despite being quite busy they looked after us very well, finding us a reasonably priced mooring ball and feeding us good food (again reasonably priced) from their restaurant.  The clubhouse is far removed from the New York Yacht Club and yet it has a friendly atmosphere and is well worth a visit.
We left Marion at midday to catch the tide at the Cape Cod Canal, which pushed us through all the way adding 4 knots to our speed.  With one engine at tickover we were still pushing the canal speed limit of 9 knots.
Exiting the canal into Cape Cod bay the temperature dropped 10 degrees and clouds covered the sky.  However, there was a good wind so we donned our wet weather gear and sailed up to Plymouth.
Lifting railway bridge at the entrance to Cape Cod Canal