Phil May and Andrea Twigg
Sun 3 Feb 2019 13:42
12:02.53N 61:45.45W
In final preparation for our departure I was checking the mainsail.  Unzipped the sail bag and then did a double take.  A dead cat??  No, the cat made a huge effort, lifted his head to look at me and then flopped back, exhausted by the exertion.  His name was Ace and he came from the yacht across the way.  They were a classic yacht, racing every day during Grenada sailing week.  Ace decided to hide away in our sail bag, rather than go out sailing with them. 
He departed when his owners returned from their race (and food was on offer), but that was not the last we saw of him. He has the disconcerting ability to hide in plain sight.  Andrea was down in the cabin for 10 minutes stowing stuff away when I heard an exclamation.  Ace was on the bed, but it took a while for her to spot him.
Ace had the last laugh.  He left us a present on top of the sail bag.