Volcanoes of the world #3

Phil May and Andrea Twigg
Fri 23 Dec 2011 17:00
Soufriere is so named because of the sulfur fumes from the volcano nearby.  Andrea is going to visit all the volcanoes on our route, so today we headed off to visit the caldera.
Our first stop was a lookout point.
From which you could see the boiling water and fumes down below.  Apparently the crater in the foreground was caused by a guide falling through the surface (he escaped with second degree burns and is now a fisherman) so you are not allowed to walk in the crater any more.  Twenty years ago we visited this volcano and have a picture of a two year old Bertie walking in the crater holding his nose because of the smell.
The hot water is channeled into a bathing area where you can smear the mud on your face if you so wish.  Everyone's skin went yellow from the iron in the water.
Then we visited a hot waterfall, the only one left on St Lucia since the other two were destroyed by hurricane Tomas last year.
The camera had a problem with the glare off Daniel's skin.  Needs some work on the tan.