Sushi for lunch

Phil May and Andrea Twigg
Wed 7 Mar 2012 00:17
05:02.6S 94:53.6W  389 miles covered
Yesterday was tuna day.  Bertie and Estella made some excellent sushi for lunch (see photo).  For dinner Bertie cooked tuna steaks with chips, beer-battered onion rings, fried bananas and a honey/balsamic coulis.
The downside of being given two full hands of bananas is that whatever we did with them they were bound to all ripen at about the same time.  In this 33 degree heat, one hand is already ripe and the other will be ripe tomorrow.  So we have about 150 bananas which need eating in the next couple of days.  You can freeze bananas, but not if you have already stuffed your freezer full of tuna.  Today Andrea made banana bread, so that used up five bananas.  She has put a couple of big bunches in the fridge to try and keep them green for a while.  I think the fish will still get a lot of bananas to eat.
Sailing-wise we are travelling at a decent speed, but apparently in the wrong direction.  My cunning plan was to head further south than anyone else and be the first to get the stronger trade winds, which should start about 500 miles south of the equator.  Unfortunately it looks like everyone else is getting good wind as well, which makes our detour to find wind a bit of an overhead.  It may still work out OK, but at the moment I am getting a lot of stick from Bertie and Andrea for setting out in the wrong direction.