Back in Norway

Tatt av vinden
Bjørn Larsen
Sun 18 Aug 2019 13:50

We could on Friday, 16th August, board m/v “Anne Sofie” in Egersund. “Anne Sofie” is a German heavy lift ship with two cranes that can lift 700 tons each and 1400 tons in tandem, and a third crane that takes “only” 350 tons. “Tatt av vinden” was onboard and had been since the ship left Singapore. More than 4 months have passed since “Tatt av vinden” was loaded in Auckland, then on m/v “Heerengracht”. Our boat was kept in the marina in Singapore for 12 weeks before the freight continued. The weight of our boat is only 10 tons, and of course nothing for the 350 ton crane. We were impressed by the precision that the crane driver handled the lifting. There was a small mishap, probably because of wrong instructions from the deck crew. We hope it did not do any harm to the yacht, but we need to investigate more in depth to be sure.


Below from Marin Traffic, showing “Tatt av vinden” in Singapore. We shall later, when we are back home give a full report on the transport and our experiences with Sevenstar Yacht Transport. Further down are some pictures form Egersund.



And here are some pictures from Egersund:



Beside “Tinto Mera” from Asker, Norway. (The red boat in the picture above).



Hanging in the slings (above).



On its way down (Above).


In Egersund guest harbor (Below)



We plan to start sailing later in the week and we shall give reports from this last leg back home.