18:20.56N 64:47.48W Caneel bay - St. John - USVI

Tatt av vinden
Bjørn Larsen
Thu 20 Mar 2014 01:00
We have taken a mooring just outside an upper class hotel. (No need to go there.) Tomorrow we shall go back to Frances bay, just 2 miles to the east.
We left "Tatt av vinden" here in Caneel bay and dinghied over to Cruz bay to clear in to US Virgins. There was a long line, and we looked forward to half an hour of waiting, but suddenly we were asked to pass a big group, just because we were just the two of us. The immigrations officer was both helpful and very efficient, and the captain on "Tatt av vinden" got all the help he could ask for, event to fill out the large formulars they always use. After the regular fingerprints of all ten and photo, we were allowed into the US. Very good we had visas from the embassy in Oslo. You need a full visa when you come with your own boat.
Even if we like BVI very much, we find St. John, so far, more relaxed, and we are very happy that we can spend almost a week here before proceeding to Culebra in Puerto Rico. The activities here will be snorkeling, hiking and swimming, maybe a little diving.
Cruz bay was nice, but a couple of hours there was enough. We have provisions for a week, and no need for shopping any more.
Just after a little glass of white wine, just to follow the sun set, it is time for dinner in the cockpit. Taco this time.

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