"Tatt av vinden" is in the sea

Tatt av vinden
Bjørn Larsen
Tue 30 Jan 2018 23:35
Well, “Tatt av vinden” is only resting at the dock in Shelter Bay marina. Following the plan, it was launched on Friday. Now all the upgrades and the normal maintenance is on the time table. But even so, some trips into the rain forest. The best time is before breakfast. The morning light comes from 0600 to 0630. If I return 0800 to the boat, I allready feel the heat. But it seldom goes over 30 degrees. I need no come far into the jungle before I hear the hauling monkeys. It is the fourth season I visit this place, so it feels almost like home.

The new propeller came in place before the launching, now some repairs to the rigging is necessary. I have help from Greg, the mechanic and from Mike, rigger, but most things I do myself.

Today I went to Colon, to the shopping mall, 4Altos. On the way there we passed the locks of the canal. When we looked down into the water we could see a dead crocodile, floating on its back. A sad sight even if they not are amiable animals. There are also rumors that a crock has been seen close to the marina. It might be true, it might be just a rumor.

I have asked for a canal transit the 7. March. On the Pacific side, Gregor will come onboard. Then it is off. Until then, some news form the marina life from time to time.