Hakatehau - Waterfall and Chocolate man

Tatt av vinden
Bjørn Larsen
Sat 26 May 2018 04:10
This morning we put the dinghy to the sea and landed inside the wharf, The we went to a nearby waterfall, and Eva and I had a nice swim into la cascade in the water beneath. Anne Sofie still has to stay out of the water because of the wounds from the dog that bate her in Taiohae.
After visiting the waterfall we followed the path another kilometer and a half and came to Manfred Drechsler,the Chocolate Man. There are not two of his kind, we are sure. Manfred came here 23 years ago. He is German, 65 years old, born in DDR, but grew up in BRD (Western Germany). He has a varied history. He had a sauna business in Berlin, but lost everything in a fire. After a divorce he was a helicopter pilot for a while.
Now he has been here in Hakatehau for 23 years and has built a house three kilometers from the village. He makes his own electricity, grows fruits, coffee, tobacco and what makes him famous, grows cocoa and makes chocolate.
He was a fun guy, and well worth the visit. We communicates in three languages, English, French and German. After a while most of the conversation went in German. As he came from the northern part of Germany, his German was like the one we once learnt in school, but in school we never heard the jokes he told...
His wife, Therese, runs a pension in the village.

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