16:18.39N 61:47.96W Deshaies

Tatt av vinden
Bjørn Larsen
Sat 11 Jan 2014 23:28
We went by motor the 13 nm up here, to the northern part of Guadeloupe. Deshais is an attractive bay, and we hope to sleep better tonight than last night. Last night a huge catamaran anchored a bit too close. No problem as long as there was wind, but an hour after midnight the wind vanished, and came back soon from one direction, soon from another. Around two aclock Bjørn had to start the motor to avoid sailing into the catamaran, moving just a couple of meters, without pulling the anchor. After that there was no sleep. Here in Deshais it seems better.
We still have the dinghy tied up on deck, so there is no going ashore here. The reason is that we shall start 6:30 tomorrow morning to sail to Antigua. We hope to be there in the afternoon before the marina office closes. Possibly not, because we have a distance of 46 nm to cover, and we do not expect the best conditions. OK, time will show. We shall have 11 hours from the start till dawn, so we shall at least come there in daylight, which is absolutely necessary.
When we arrive, Maria and Daniel will hopefully already be there. They have a long flight with stopovers both in London and New York.

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