By boat to Omoa and walking back to Hanavave

Tatt av vinden
Bjørn Larsen
Wed 16 May 2018 01:37
We had a FANTASTIC TOUR BY BOAT OVER TO Omoa, the next village. (There are only two on the island.) Poi brought us along the coast in his little aluminum boat. Luckily the motor functioned all the way. We say it because later in the same day his motor broke down. That was when he was out with Tor from "Kea".
But we knew nothing about that until later. and we could admire the nature from the sea, sometimes just five or ten meters form the shore.
By boat it is only 3 nm from Hanavave to Omoa. The way back, over the mountains was 17 km long, and we had to climb about 700 m. After just sitting still in the boat for three weeks (well we had to use some muscles not to be thrown around...) it was a challenge walking the steep hills. But what an experience in the nature of Fatu Hiva! The island is really unique.
Along the way we picked mangoes that had newly fallen from the trees. The mangoes fresh from the trees are sweeter and have more aroma than those we buy back home. The same go for the bananas. And the pompelmuss don't we get back home at all.
When we came back to Hanavave, we bought a small tiki as a souvenir from this, our first Polynesian island.
Our dingy was at the boat, but Karl Ludvig from "C'est si bon" met us and brought us over. The bath and shower and a glass of wine. - We felt we deserved it. (Typical Norwegian way of thinking...)
In a few days we shall post new pictures. Promise.

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