New plans - Heading for Marquesas on Saturday

Tatt av vinden
Bjørn Larsen
Thu 12 Apr 2018 21:27
We have decided that we shall not go to Isla Isabela. It may be the best of the three islands we are allowed to go to, but time is running, and we have decided to have one more week in French Polynesia instead. If we had been allowed to check out from Isla Isabela, we would may have chosen to go there, but we should have to go back here to Santa Cruz to meet the authorities...
Yesterday we went to see more giant tortoises. That was very successful. And we also went through a tunnel made by a lava stream some time down in pre historical time. It was 1 km long and in one place we had to crawl, but most of the way it was easy walking (The tunnel had electric light.)

When we sail, we shall post a short report, hopefully every day, probably for three weeks. 3000 nautical miles to go.

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