Sailmail - communication when you live onboard for some time

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Bjørn Larsen
Mon 3 Feb 2014 23:22
We dug deep in the budget and bought a new Pactor 4 modem for the SSB radio. We are very happy that we did it. Beeing member of Sailmail is 250 US-dollars a year. Here in Caribbean the system works very well for e-mails. It was tolerably good during the Atlantic crossing from Las Palmas to St.Lucia.
When we have no wi-fi connection we send almost all our e-mails over the SSB radio. It maybe a problem in marinas due to electrical noice. At anchor it is perfect. It is very easy to use. We use Airmail free software for the e-mails. Airmail also shows propagation for the different Sailmail radio stations as soon as your own position is given. All the Sailmail frequences are downloaded and is part of the Airmail data base. The Pactor is connected to our iCom 706 and it is all controlled from the PC. There are no other running costs than the yearly Sailmail fee. And it reduces our costs quite a lot. So if you have an SSB radio already, and do not use it for e-mails already, we recommend that you start doing it.
We are starting to love it. And it is very good to have to systems, sat. phone and SSB. We use Mailasail for our e-mails. And are very pleased with that too.

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