Tatt av vinden 1200 UTC 220509

Tatt av vinden
Bjørn Larsen
Fri 22 May 2009 12:23
In six days we estimate to be in Horta. The last 24 hours have been very
good. Nice winds 12 - 14 kn over the deck, 60 degrees SB. Almost flat sea.
What a difference to the night before! But that is life at sea. At least at
these lattitudes of the Atlantic. Even with the fouled bottom we have done 7
kn over long periodes last night, and that is good, we think.

The life on board is into its normal routine when at sea. The important
thing for us doublehanders is to get enough sleep. And most days we do. We
have daily reports from about 15 other boats crossing now, and we know at
least half of the people on board. It takes some computer time and some
Iridium time, but it is good to feel that we are not alone out here.

There have been very few ships in sight or within reach of AIS. But we
seldom get their AIS till they are 10 - 15 nM off. I wander why that's so
very different from what we experienced last summer in the Med? I called one
ship heading at us. "No problem. I'll give you a wide berth." I don't know
if he had seen us. He was till 5 nM off. We have the feeling though that
most of the (few) ships see us on their radar.

Some nights ago I tried to make radio (SSB) contact with Oslo. We did make
some contact with LA3AG, but not too good. Because of lack of power and
because of bad weather I have not been able to try again. But it is
facinating making direct contact like that over the huge distances!

Today is time for bread baking and producing water. Everyday life must go on
at sea, as Sergej of "Seawalk" use to say. Sergej sent us an e-mail
yesterday and told us that he had read from their blogg that "Ohana" had
arrived safely at Marquesas after 23 days at sea. Congratulations to them!

We are so happy for all the contacts we made in our early days of our Med
and Atlantic adventure, and for keeping these contacts.

All the best
from Eva and Bjørn (writing)