58:53.68N 11:00.845E Nord-Koster

Tatt av vinden
Bjørn Larsen
Sun 9 Aug 2009 14:31
This is our last port abroad. Though this harbour is crowded with Norwegian
boats, it is, after all, Sweden...

Gregor, my son, is with us. He joined us in Smøgen. On the Kosterjord we had
a stop to honour the memory of his late brother. It was a sad, but also a
good thing to do. Here in Koster was the last time Aleksander was with us on
the boat, and through the years we had many great times here. He loved these

Of course the wounds will never heal, but we shall remember the good things,
and after some time I know that they will dominate our feelings.

This afternoon is peaceful and beautiful. We love Koster, and we come here
every year.