14:27.9N 60:52.5W Le Marin anchorage

Tatt av vinden
Bjørn Larsen
Sat 3 Jan 2009 02:20
Even if we had a confirmation for a berth in the marina from 30.12 till
3.01, we had to leave the marina today. All the charterboats were comming
That did not cause to much of a problem, and now we are of the anchorage,
together with "Aphrodite". "Ohana" is still in the marina, as far as we
Today's event for us, though, has been that Maria, Eva's doughter has
arrived from Oslo. We hiered a car and picked her up at the airport. Now we
just have finished the first dinner in the cockpit together.
Tomorrow we shall explore the area together.
Luckily we are able to pick up our internet connection here, so we can send