12:06.50N 58:55.33W Curacao

Tatt av vinden
Bjørn Larsen
Tue 22 Apr 2014 16:59
We arrived here on Saturday. The  sailing from Bonaire was nice and good. Gregor and Nina came with us. But again we had problems. Before we left Bonaire, the starter motor burned, so we had no engine.
Out of Harbour Village marina on Bonaire we had some help from a nice guy with a dighy. But it was a small dinghy with just 10 hp, so we had to calculate the wind very carefully and position the boat with lines before we more or less kickstarted it with both the genoa and the dinghy pushing form behind. The captain called “Let Go”, the lines went in, and the genoa was sheeted tight, and after some nervous seconds we passed the nearest boat with a margin... The result of a very good teamwork!
Coming into Curacao marine was the next challenge. We had to get a tow of course. But when we were ready to enter the channel into the harbour, a big tanker was on its way out. We had to drift to leeword, and the tow in, towords the 25 knots wind took an hour or more, even if it was less than a nautical mile.
Now we are well placed in the marina. The starter motor has been taken out and gone to the repair shop. Gregor and Nina are at a hotel, and Eva and Bjørn prepair the boat for the houl out. But it is very hot here, and all work takes time. Too little time to explore this time, but in November we shall be back. Though we took time to go to the Sea Aquarium yesterday, and that was great. Sunday we fly back home.